Machine Gun Kelly Smashed A Champagne Glass And Put On A Bloody Performance As Fans Looked On In Horror

    "And this is when things turned..."

    After performing a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden in New York City for his Mainstream Sellout tour on Tuesday, Machine Gun Kelly decided to celebrate at Catch restaurant. And that's where things turned bloody.

    Early Wednesday morning, Machine Gun Kelly shared videos from Catch on his Instagram stories as he attempted to give a speech inside the packed restaurant.

    MGK smiling and giving the V sign

    But instead of grabbing silverware to tap on a glass to get everyone's attention, Machine Gun Kelly decided to use his head. He smashed a champagne flute on his head, cutting open his eyebrow.

    MGK singing into a microphone and holding a champagne glass

    “I don’t give a fuck, bro. I don’t give a shit,” he yelled as fans screamed in horror at what he'd just done. Machine Gun Kelly then proceeded to perform "My Ex's Best Friend" with blood dripping down his face.

    MGK with blood on his face and holding a microphone and tissues

    The 32-year-old musician gave fans a close-up of the aftermath, but he seemed pretty unbothered...

    Close-up of MGK from his IG story with a bloody scar above his eyebrow and the text "Good morning"

    ...dry blood and all.

    To see all the madness ensue, watch Page Six's full recap video of MGK's IG stories.

    Instagram: @machinegunkelly / Page Six