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    Kirsten Dunst Called A Fan "Pathetic" And His Response May Surprise You

    All hail queen Kirsten!

    Kirsten Dunst doesn't usually respond to her Twitter mentions, but when she's does it's worth some recognition. And that's exactly why we're here now!

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    On Oct. 18, a fan by the name of Louis Virtel shared an important personal dream of his with his Twitter followers.

    @louisvirtel / Via Twitter: @louisvirtel

    And honestly, I don't blame him. The 35-year-old actor is responsible for some of my favorite films, like Bring It On, Mona Lisa Smile, Hidden Figures, and the list goes on.

    Filippo Monteforte / AFP / Getty Images

    And by "responsible," I mean she played a part in making the films great!

    But anyway, back to the tweet. So, instead of responding like this:

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Our dear Kirsten gave him the Hollywood treatment and fulfilled his biggest dream with this tweet:

    @kirstendunst / Via Twitter: @kirstendunst

    Which resulted in a truly happy man with nothing else to aim for.

    @louisvirtel / Via Twitter: @louisvirtel

    Other fans began to cheer on this small but rare interaction:

    @louisvirtel @kirstendunst Captured footage of Kirsten’s reply coming in

    @cschleichsrun / Via Twitter: @cschleichsrun

    @cschleichsrun @louisvirtel @kirstendunst Me rn

    @brendanscannell / Via Twitter: @BrendanScannell

    @louisvirtel @kirstendunst so happy for you.

    @itsalexjackman / Via Twitter: @itsalexjackman

    Congratulations, Louis!

    And if you're looking to dive into more celebrity tweets, click here.

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