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Khleo Thomas Celebrating The 15th Anniversary Of "Holes" Will Give You A Nostalgia Orgasm

"Dig it up oh oh. Dig it."

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Khleo, who played the iconic role of Zero in the movie, took to Twitter on Wednesday to celebrate in his own special way...and it was perfect!

15 years later...and it still fits. ZERO the legend.


If you're a little skeptical about it being the real deal, believe me, I was too. But after going back and forth through movie still and the photos he looks like the same exact style.

And if you noticed in the film, then-14-year-old Khleo wore his sleeves and pant legs cuffed because the coveralls were too big for him. SOOO, technically he could have grown into them.


ALSO, if you look closely Khleo has since had a growth spurt which turned the pant legs into high waters – thus confirming it IS the same outfit and it really does still fit...kind of.

Twitter: @KhleoThomas

~For those who don't know, "high waters" is a slang term for pants that have an unintentional short hem, which would be perfect to wear in a flood because they wouldn't get wet. LOL!~

So, after realizing this was the most epic nostalgia moment next to Reese Witherspoon trying on her Legally Blonde outfits on Snapchat, I had to write a post about it. And here we are.

Well, see you later. I'll be spending the rest of the day doing solo-karaoke to this gem. Byeee!

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