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These 2 "iCarly" Cast Members Are Married Now And They're Cute AF

The perfect mix of nostalgia and the feels.

Ten years ago, iCarly made its debut on Nickelodeon and lasted for seven glorious seasons!

Nickelodeon / Via

And as much as I miss laughing...

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Nickelodeon / Via

...and yelling "WTF" at my TV screen with the cast, it's time to move on.

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So I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a fun (present-day) fact about the cast. Did you know two cast members from the show are EACH OTHER?!

Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Well, if you did, then you know those two people aren't featured in the picture above. It's actually Jeremy Rowley and Danielle Morrow!

But you probably remember Jeremy as Carly's annoying doorman, Lewbert, and his oversized wart:

Nickelodeon / Via

And who could forget Danielle's portrayal of Nora, iCarly's crazy-obsessed fan:

Nickelodeon / Via

The two got married on New Year's 2016.

And the wedding looked absolutely beautiful!

And so far, they've shared some pretty amazing memories together, like protesting for women's rights:

Riding skeleton carousels:


Umm, their Halloween costumes were hilarious:


And concerts:

But one of their proudest memories would probably have to be when they welcomed their son into the world.

And boy is he a CUTIE!

Not only are they enjoying being parents...

...and making new memories with their little guy:

But they're also making sure to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

How's that for an iCarly anniversary celebration?

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