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    Updated on Aug 8, 2018. Posted on Jul 26, 2018

    Hilary Duff Admitting Her Son Wasn't Impressed By "Lizzie McGuire" Has Me In Tears

    "I wanna play this game! Ask me a question."

    On Tuesday, Hilary Duff took the time to connect with fans by answering questions via Instagram Stories.

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    The 30-year-old actor initially had no idea how to use Instagram's new "Ask Me a Question" feature.

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    "Okay, so I haven't quite figured out the Ask Me a Question part of Instagram yet. So, I'm going to spend my night trying to figure that one out."

    But figuring out how to post it was half the battle. Hilary also struggled with viewing the fan-submitted questions.

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    "I've already washed my face. I'm ready for bed. This is really hard and complicated. All my friends are laughing at me. HELP!"

    But the Younger star eventually figured it out and the late night Q & A session commenced. Here's what we learned:

    1. Hilary's 6-year-old son Luca has never seen The Lizzie McGuire Movie, BUT he has watched some of the series.

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    "Luca has never watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie. He has watched a few episodes of Lizzie McGuire and he really wasn't that interested in it, cuz he don't know what's good."

    2. She hasn't overly prepared for her second pregnancy like she did with her first.

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    "So, I haven't done as much for this baby as I have with Luca and I'm sure other second-time moms feel me. I love her just as much and I'm starting to get more prepared, but you're so much busier with the first child. You have a lot more to focus on."

    3. Hilary and boyfriend Matthew Koma have already picked out a name for their daughter, but they're keeping it on the low.

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    "We have picked out the baby's name, which is super cool and relieves a lot of stress because we agreed on it right away. And I think we're not ready to share and we won't until she's born, because we don't really want to hear people's opinions on it. It's a very personal choice."

    4. People make fun of her TV show preferences.

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    "Okay, so I only really watch dramas and people make fun of me cuz they're like, 'Oh, you don't like fun?'" But Matt and I are watching Billions right now, which we love, and Luca and I watch American Ninja Warrior. We'll like scream at the TV."

    5. Hilary wishes Younger was an hour-long, instead of 30 minutes.

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    "I love this so much. I love hearing this, because it means that people love the show. I agree, it's so short. The second you get started, it's over. We're constantly asking the network to make us longer."

    6. And she hasn't spoken to Ashlie Brillault (Kate Sanders on Lizzie McGuire in years.

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    "This is so good. I'm not sure if she eats carbs or not. I heard she's a lawyer, which is really cool if she is. But I haven't spoken to her in a very long time. But umm...I eat carbs."

    What a journey. It might've started off rocky in the beginning, but it was definitely worth it by the end. Let's hope her next Q & A session happens soon and without any problems.

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