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Here's What The Star Of "Taina" Is Up To 15 Years After The Series Ended

"No one's going to stop me, you'll see. I will go far!"

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You know, the one with the amazing theme song? YES, that Taina.

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Well, the series ended 15 years ago, but memories of the show still live on. So, let's check up on the lead actor to see what she's been up to:


When she's not on screen, Christina is creating new memories with her husband Marcus Mitchell.

The couple wed on Sept. 25, 2016, and the pictures will seriously make you happy cry.

Seriously, somebody grab the tissues...

...because they're freaking adorable!

And just because I literally want to make your heart explode with happiness, guess what? They're having a baby!

The parents-to-be are having a girl and they've already picked out the name: Willa.

We're so glad to see Christina doing well! And we hope this filled your nostalgia quota for the week, toodles.