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Here's Why Halsey Felt Shaded By MTV And The VMAs

"It didn't feel right to go."

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards were full of surprising moments.

OMG! Thought Cardi was opening the #VMAs breast feeding Kulture. She played us all 😭😭

But one music fan was more shocked by what she didn't see at the show...or should I say WHO she didn't see: Halsey.

@halsey Why aren’t u at the vmas?

Well Diana, ask and you shall receive.

bc I directed all my own music videos this album just to have @MTV “#wcw” me to death and not nominate me for anything so it didn’t feel right to go. I’m happy you guys liked the videos. That’s all that matters to me. 🖤

Basically, Halsey felt like her hard work was being completely ignored by MTV...

@halsey @MTV imagine not rewarding someone for having music videos that look like THIS.

...while MTV continued to post things like this about her..., the "Bad at Love" singer decided to ignore them back, by skipping the show.


And after hearing her reasoning, Halsey fans quickly rallied behind her in support.

They even wanted to present her with a special honorary award.

Halsey might've felt a little shade from MTV, but the love from her fans easily made up for it.


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