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    Gwyneth Paltrow Shared New Details About Her Thought Process Before Deciding To Divorce From Chris Martin

    “It weighed very, very heavily on me.”

    Gwyneth Paltrow is sharing her views on divorce and why she was set on ensuring her kids didn't experience the same trauma she faced when her own parents divorced.

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    In a new interview with Bustle, Gwyneth opened up about her decision to split from Chris Martin and their plan to make their divorce a peaceful experience for their family.

    Gwyneth and Chris first met in 2002 backstage during one of his Coldplay concerts. They were married for over 10 years until they decided to separate — or as they called it — "consciously uncoupling" in 2014.

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    They share two children together — their daughter, 19-year-old Apple Martin, and their son, 17-year-old Moses Martin. Since divorcing, Gwyneth and Chris have maintained a close friendship with each other, as well as a healthy coparenting dynamic.

    "I was very burdened by this idea that I can’t get divorced, and it’ll be a failure, and this is not the right thing for the kids and all that," The Goop founder told Bustle. "It weighed very, very heavily on me."

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    "My kids are great. They’re grounded and grateful and funny. But [Chris Martin] and I both really did not want to have them experience the divorce as a trauma."

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    Gwyneth admitted that they knew divorcing would be hard, but they never wanted their children to feel like they were caught in the middle of a bad situation. They also didn't want their kids to ever see their parents disrespecting each other.

    "At that time, I did a very me thing, which was when I knew I wanted to get a divorce, I did this data collection of talking to adults who had been products of a broken home."

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    "Every single one of them said, 'I didn’t care that my parents got divorced. That wasn’t it. But the fact that they wouldn’t speak to each other, that they couldn’t both sit at a dinner table for my birthday…' They said that was the most awful thing."

    Gwyneth and Chris vowed to not put their children through that. Despite both of them being in new relationships — Gwyneth married TV writer and producer Brad Falchuk in 2018, and Chris has been dating actor Dakota Johnson since 2017 — Gwyneth, Chris, and their new partners all hang out together for family events.

    And we love that they've been able to make such a positive familial transition!

    To learn more about Gwyneth, be sure to check out her full interview with Bustle.