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    Mar 5, 2018

    19 Signs Found In Bathrooms That Are So Funny You Might Pee A Little

    There's no turning back now.

    1. The "Maintenance Crew Has Had Enough" sign:

    lotus38 / Via

    2. The "Not All Dogs Bark" sign:

    nah_ill_pass_ / Via

    3. The "Potty Positivity" sign:

    The_KidProdigy / Via

    4. The "Miscommunication" sign:

    RandenVanguard / Via

    5. The "Preoccupied Potty-Training" sign:

    sssesoj / Via

    6. The "Come One Come All" sign:

    Aeogor / Via

    7. The "How To Treat A Toilet" sign:

    Topical_Aphorism / Via

    8. The "Savage Stall Clapback" sign:

    Anus_Plunger / Via

    9. The "Democratic Dryer" sign:

    thebossee / Via

    10. The "Penises Spread Germs" sign:

    ImAPlebe / Via

    11. The "Inclusive" sign:

    PhotoQuig / Via

    12. The "Totally Inappropriate Tiles" sign:

    fischkidd / Via

    13. The "Donut Debate" sign:

    herecomesthe_sun / Via

    14. The "Subtle Subliminal" sign:

    BanditRaccoon / Via

    15. The "Aggressive Subliminal" sign:

    BigCarl / Via

    16. The "We Aim To Please" sign:

    fl3xb0x / Via

    17. The "Equal Opportunity" sign:

    pannonica / Via

    18. The "Redefining Trash" sign:

    Rocketbud / Via

    19. And lastly, the "Relatable Rules" sign:

    momojojo321 / Via

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