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    21 Times Damson Idris Knew Exactly What To Say To Change My Perspective On Life

    "Understand the value of your energy. Respect it. Protect it."

    This is Damson Idris.

    Damson Idris
    Amanda Edwards / WireImage / Getty Images

    Whew, that smile gets me every time.

    He's a 29-year-old actor from London who most of you probably recognize from Snowfall on FX.

     Damson Idris, Isaiah John, Melvin Gregg standing and talking to one another outside in a scene from SnowFall
    Byron Cohen / FX / Everett Collection

    If you follow him, then you probably also noticed that he loves a good suit...

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris

    ...a glass of red wine, and a really good playlist, mixed with current and classic hits.


    You can check out 27 other things we learned about Damson in our exclusive interview with him here.

    But did you know Damson could basically write a daily affirmation book with all the gems he drops on Twitter? No? Well get into it:


    Keep quiet and let your work do the talking.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Never let anyone dismiss your genius as “easy”. It is you that makes it look easy.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    People really do come and go. Stay patient. Everyone gets a turn to bat. But in the meantime keep perfecting that swing.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Nothing has the power to pull you up but the work you put in. The sooner you realise that the less you will look for a handout.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Sometimes you make all the perfect moves and it works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. Doesn’t mean you should stop making the moves.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    You’ll never understand the power of seeing someone like you in the spotlight. What ever spotlight that is. It reminds you that it is absolutely possible for you to accomplish that as well.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Learning everyday that the people want to see new things. You can’t keep recycling the old. We must embrace the new. And that is the new in all forms. New stories, new talent, new opportunities.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    You can’t just expect young people to be postive thinking. To be motivated. To love eachother. You have to give them an opportunity. Wisdom & purpose comes from having something to lose.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    You cannot achieve greatness if you are constantly worried about what other people think about you.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Your days can always be beautiful. You just need to distance yourself from the ugliness.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    To know where you came from makes it easier to know where you are going.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    You can’t keep being a quiet mouse. After a while you need to let the world know, I am here. And I am here to stay.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    This year I learnt you cannot force how you are received. Sometimes you work so hard that you are amazed no one saw. But they all see it in the end.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Just be yourself. It makes you different.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Greatness comes from suffering. From failing over & over again until you cry & bleed. Then something inside you cracks open. Greatness.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Stay humble because the people you meet on the way up you'll certainly meet on the way down.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working or grinding in order to be successful. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery & reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a successful happy life.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Forget about impressing others. Impress yourself.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    The road to greatness starts with making a deal with yourself. And once it starts there's no going back.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris


    Understand the value of your energy. Respect it. Protect it.

    Twitter: @DamsonIdris

    I hope his words made your day a little brighter!


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