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Fans Were Clowning Chance The Rapper For Looking Like Big Bird At The VMAs

"Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?"

Chance The Rapper was nominated for Best Hip Hop Video, for not one but two songs, at the 2017 MTV VMAs last night.

MTV / Via

He might not have taken home the award...but according to fans, Chance is winning in the style department in the most hilarious way.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

After posting this image of himself at the show, fans immediately noticed an uncanny resemblance:

@chancetherapper / Via Twitter: @chancetherapper

Everyone thought he looked like Sesame Street's very own Big Bird...but a really hot version.

@poolsldeconvo / Via Twitter: @poolsldeconvo

Imma leave this hear. 😂💀 @djkhaled @edsheeran @chancetherapper

@laelpael / Via Twitter: @laelpael
@snuggie_bastaRd / Via Twitter: @snuggie_bastaRd
@DMeechini / Via Twitter: @DMeechini
@dadejelly / Via Twitter: @dadejelly
@AyyChabela / Via Twitter: @AyyChabela

And then there were those who saw pass the feathers:

@Luke_Berti / Via Twitter: @Luke_Berti
@ShannonELand / Via Twitter: @ShannonELand
@HashtagStafki / Via Twitter: @HashtagStafki

This is what he was referring to, BTW:

Nickelodeon / Via

But the 24-year-old Chicago native didn't take offense. In fact, he thought a lot of the responses were funny.

@aarigoddess / Via Twitter: @aarigoddess
@chancetherapper / Via Twitter: @chancetherapper
@carleighdeal / Via Twitter: @carleighdeal

Besides, Ellen DeGeneres seemed to love his sweater just fine...

I ❤️ @Chancetherapper. He's so talented. #VMAs

@TheEllenShow / Via Twitter: @TheEllenShow

...and that was basically the only opinion he truly cared about.

Dear Miss @TheEllenShow, I ❤️ you and the entire team. I'm blessed to have met you and grateful for all you've done…

@chancetherapper / Via Twitter: @chancetherapper

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