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Janet Jackson's Getting Divorced And Black Twitter Had A Lot To Say About It

No one saw this coming!

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Just three months after welcoming son Eissa into the world and nearly five years of marriage together, music icon Janet Jackson and billionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana have called it quits.

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The reason behind the split has yet to be confirmed. Page Six reported a source revealing their decision to divorce was an amicable one and will be happy to co-parent, while another source said Janet felt Wissam was too controlling during the pregnancy.

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Reports also claim the "That's the Way Love Goes" singer gave in to demands of her wearing less revealing clothing and avoiding any sexually-related dance moves.

Um, this is Janet Jackson we're talking about, right? One of the best dancers of our time. Nobody puts Janet in the corner!

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While the divorce itself is extremely upsetting, people can't seem to get over a certain rumor that's been swirling around about an alleged (yet hefty) prenup.

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Word on the street is Michael Jackson's little sister would only have to remain in the marriage for five years to be awarded $500 million in a divorce settlement.

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Whether or not this prenup actually exists has yet to be proven, but once word broke on Twitter, people went nuts! Reactions have been pretty mixed ranging sympathy to down right petty! Let's dive in below:

There are those who showered Janet with love and support, refusing to believe the rumor held any validity.

Pathetic People be Saying Janet Jackson Scammed her Ex Husband. Like Really Now. Yall are Annoying AF #JanetJackson 🙄

How TF is someone who was already filthy rich herself gonna be a damn gold digger? That's just dumb #JanetJackson was already a billionaire

Tired of the tabloids #JanetJackson. We #Love you and support any decision you make. In tears because of these fkn tabloids smh 😢

I can't even see how people can even fix their mouth to call Janet Jackson a scammer. She's a legend that's been cashing her own checks.

Sorry your black gold digger stereotype isn't going to wash when it comes to THE Janet JACKSON.

I 'm staying away from this janet Jackson slander , nobody knows what took place behind closed doors

This is what matters... #JanetsLegacyMatters not the tabloid garbage! We will be here with you until the very end..…

🌾👀🌾..these internet babies talking abt Janet Jackson like she wasn't getting money since Good Times‼️ Go 2 bed kids‼️Respect ya legend‼️

I'm not Believeing none of it until I hear Janet Jackson whisper it and announce it to the World.

NEVER mass disseminate rumors, conjecture, and innuendo, as it relates to Empress Janet Jackson. #FromHerLips…

Janet Jackson denying scamming accusations:

Janet Jackson is a Legendary Queen. Put some respect on her name please.

While others were quick to believe the hype, even throwing around words like "scammer" and "gold digger" when referring to her situation:

Janet Jackson is a scammer.. Lol she got that baby and split.. Collect that child support boo

Janet jackson to her husband after she had a baby

If Janet Jackson is divorcing her husband, she is getting 500 Million... She didn't sign a prenup

Janet Jackson when she looked and seen that 500 million hit that bank account

Janet Jackson been hiding kids and marriages for over half her life. That's why she whispers so damn much. She can keep a secret.

Janet Jackson snatched this man's soul, and now she scammed a billionaire. a true inspiration and legend

So Janet Jackson got knocked up by a billionare and then left him and now getting 500 mill me:

Janet Jackson is the ultimate scammer. She canceled her tour and took y'alls money, to focus on scamming her husband

Janet Jackson: Let's have a baby Wissam: Ok Janet Jackson : *gives birth* Janet Jackson:

The Jackson family rn after Janet Jackson divorces her husband & walks away with $500 million

Janet Jackson played the system the way white women been playing athletes 🤷🏾‍♀️

Y'all really used the "she's already rich" logic when it came to Janet Jackson like rich people aren't the most greedy people in the world.

I just read if Janet Jackson divorces homeboy he might get taxed for hundreds of millions. This pic was taken at th…

Things were getting a little TOO real on Twitter, so this is where we'll leave you.

Despite where you stand on the matter, we hope all parties involved are able get through this difficult time with as much peace as possible.

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