Ashley Tisdale Wants To Recreate Some Of Her Past Iconic Red Carpet Looks At The Met Gala, And I Need This To Happen Immediately

    "Imagine wearing Uggs at the Met Gala!"

    The day has finally arrived: It's Met Gala Monday! While many — including myself — can't wait to see what celebs wear on the red carpet, we can't forget about those missing tonight's event.

    One of those celebs is Ashley Tisdale. The High School Musical alum joked about what she'd wear if she was ever invited.

    Ashley Tisdale

    Ashley took to Twitter to let fans know what her red carpet inspiration would look like, and she's drawing from none other than her past iconic looks.

    If I ever get invited to the #MetGala I would replicate one of my past iconic looks…

    Getty Images / Twitter: @ashleytisdale

    Which includes bell-bottom jeans layered with a sequined top, and paired with matching gold sequined flats and a keyboard clutch:

    And let's not forget all the fashion trends Ashley compiled into one outfit for the 2004 premiere of The Incredibles! So many bows, so little time.

    Ashley Tisdale on the red carpet for the premiere of "The Incredibles"

    Or when she mixed seasonal staples, like a short-sleeved shirt and a denim mini-skirt and Ugg boots.

    Ashley Tisdale wearing a short-sleeved shirt and a denim mini-skirt and Ugg boots

    Ashley also put sleepy chic on the map with her matching Hello Kitty eye mask and slippers.

    Ashley Tisdale wearing her matching Hello Kitty eye mask and slippers.

    I don't know what this Met Gala theme would be called, but I need to see it happen, sooner than later. And I'm not the only one anxious to see these looks recreated — Ashley's fans were also in full support:

    Ashley Tisdale

    OMG IMAGINE wearing Uggs to the Metgala 😂

    Twitter: @ashleytisdale

    @ashleytisdale “2000s ashley tisdale red carpet fashion” should be the theme next year

    Twitter: @haleyobsession

    god where was she when bitches were looking camp in the eye??? WE NEEDED YOU QUEEN.

    Getty Images / Twitter: @teeapparently

    From her oversized belt era to the classic layered tops, the Met Gala is truly not ready for Ashley!