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    Ashley Tisdale Can't Stop Laughing About Her First Fight With Vanessa Hudgens

    "I remember people thinking that Zac Efron and I dated."

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    Ashley Tisdale became a household name in 2006 after her breakout role as Sharpay Evans in the Disney Channel original movie franchise High School Musical. And that was only the beginning. From voicing everyone's favorite paranoid big sister on Phineas and Ferb to creating a top-selling makeup line called Illuminate Cosmetics and releasing her new single "Voices in My Head," Ashley isn't taking any breaks from the spotlight.

    As she gets ready to release Symptoms, her first studio album since 2009, Ashley thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane to talk about some of her favorite first times.

    Here's what we learned:

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    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    What would be the first High School Musical song you'd erase from everyone's memory?


    Ashley Tisdale: Oh man, what would it be? During the concert — I think it was called, "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You." I just thought it was not a great song. I was like, what are we doing with this song? I was like, this is not even in any of the movies. Yeah, not a fan of that one. Sorry to whoever the writer was on that.

    Oh, I should've said, "Humuhumunukunukuapua'a."

    Describe your first red carpet experience.


    AT: I remember wearing flip flops on the carpet and army fatigue pants. I was like, "This is what I'm going to wear to a red carpet. I'm so cool."

    Tell us about your first argument with Vanessa Hudgens.


    AT: Oh man, that's a good one. She was mad at me for something and I can't really remember what it was. I should skip this one.

    What was the first item you ever took from a set?


    AT: All of Sharpay's wardrobe from the first High School Musical movie. Did I think I was going to wear them on the red carpet? Probably, at the time. A lot of our clothes are in like, hall of fames, and they didn't have Sharpay's stuff. Disney tried so hard to get the clothes from me and I was like, "No, this is mine." So, yeah, they don't have any of the clothes from the first movie. I do.

    Tell us about the first time you got turned down for a role you really wanted.


    AT: Wow, there's been so many. I auditioned for a lot of Disney movies. One of them was Zenon, one with Shia LaBeouf...I can't remember what it was called, but it was a really serious one. I just would always be like the last two and I would never get it. I was so bummed out about it, that I didn't even audition for Disney for a long time after that.

    Then, to get the HSM movie —I mean out of all of them, I'm so glad I got that one. That was like the best experience. So, you gotta keep going.

    *The Disney movie she was referring to with Shia LaBeouf was called Tru Confessions.

    When's the first time you realized you were famous?


    AT: I grew up in Valencia, California and I was back there at a signing at the mall that I used to actually work in. I used to work at Wet Seal, Windsor, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Hollister there. Obviously, High School Musical had just come out and I just remember being so insane. I went to like one of my favorite stores and they had to shut down the store.

    There were people banging on the glass, thousands of kids just trying to like get into the store. I was just like, "Whoa, this is crazy!" Especially being at a place that just a couple of months ago, no one knew who I was. It was pretty weird and awesome at the same time. I was just like, this is definitely different. This is crazy.

    What's the first Hollywood rumor you heard about yourself?


    AT: I remember people thinking that Zac Efron and I dated, because we were on a lot of magazine covers together, because we were promoting the first movie. So, we just thought that was really funny, because he was obviously dating someone else, and he's my best friend.

    What's the first song you ever wrote?


    AT: "Suddenly" off of Headstrong. That was the first song I've ever written. It was really personal. It was still so new for me, so it's really cool because I've co-written every single song on this album Symptoms and I'm just so much more confident now as an artist, and confident in my lyrics that I've grown a lot since that last time. So, it's really cool to see that evolution.

    Who was your first celebrity crush?


    AT: Hanson was my first concert and I thought I was going to marry Zac Hanson. I was like, "He's the one for me!"

    Be sure to keep an eye out for Ashley Tisdale's forthcoming album Symptoms. You can prepare for its release by jamming out to her latest single "Voices in My Head," which is out now.

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