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    People Are Hilariously Applauding Alexis Ohanian After He Shared His Best Attempt At Styling His Daughter's Natural Hair

    "I'm trying, Jr."

    If there's one thing Alexis Ohanian's going to do, it's try his best to be the best husband and father he can be to Serena Williams and their daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

    From being Serena's number one fan on and off the court... having daddy/daughter time with Olympia as they make pancake art together... keeping his daughter close to him whenever she's not around...

    ...and publicly proclaiming his love for them, even when people make fun of him for it — like when Drake (who dated Serena years ago) called Alexis a "groupie" on his song "Middle of the Ocean." But Alexis had the perfect response to that:

    James Gourley/ BPI/ Shutterstock / Twitter: @alexisohanian

    Well, the Reddit cofounder is back with another reason why I will continue to stan him. On Sunday, Alexis shared a meme poking fun at himself, which proved you truly can't be good at everything, no matter how hard you try.

    The meme included a photo of Olympia getting her hair done by Alexis. It was accompanied by a caption that read, "'When you're stuck with the new guy at the salon and he's taking too damn long!' I'm trying, Jr."

    Twitter: @alexisohanian

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one would be worth a million, because their facial expressions say it all! Olympia looks over it, like, "Dad, just stick to pancakes!" Alexis attempted to put twists in her natural hair, and although the outcome wasn't great, it's the determination in his eyes that truly brings this picture together.

    Olympia, girl, I know the feeling! This is the exact face I make when I think my hair braider is on the last braid, but then she splits that last bit of hair into 12 parts.

    Alexis revealed that he's been learning how to style Olympia's hair from some very good sources.

    Twitter: @alexisohanian

    Overall, he was flooded with comments of support and laughter, with most responses giving him an A for effort.

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    Alexis isn't too proud to admit defeat. Thankfully, Serena came through to save the day!

    Twitter: @alexisohanian

    But something tells me he'll be a pro by the time their second child makes their debut...