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    41 Times Chrissy Teigen And John Legend's Daughter Luna Was The Best Gift To The World

    Have you seen her cheeks?

    Luna Simone Stephens turns one today! So it's only right to celebrate.

    We seriously can't get enough of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter! There's something about those cheeks, you know?

    Columbia Records / Via

    So, this post is dedicated to all of the insanely adorable moments Luna couldn't help but be awesome:

    1. When Luna turns into one of her mommy's biggest fans! Here she is backstage at Lip Sync Battle:

    2. When she's decided to practice a few cheerleading moves to really show off her support to her parents:

    3. When Luna met a new stuffed animal for the first time and had to decide what purpose it would serve in her life:

    4. When her little body to the size of this chair:

    5. When she reminded me of the days when someone would carry me around everywhere:

    6. When I realized Chrissy and John gave birth to a star:

    7. When I thought I finally mastered the art of Halloween costumes, but then Luna came around and destroyed my ego (LOL):

    8. When she transformed into Little Red Rosy Cheeks:

    9. When all I could focus on was blue, bows and that bottom lip:

    10. When Luna became a Pink Lady before me:

    11. When food is life:

    12. When I pictured her starring in Disney's next big hit:

    13. When birds of a feather don't always flock together:

    14. When I wore the exact same outfit, but she ended up pulling it off better:

    15. When someone asks you to share your food:

    16. And the face you make when someone tells you "no" for the first time:

    17. When you realize you're the third wheel:

    18. When you can't slide yet, so you crawl into those DMs like:

    19. When you're trying to be classy, but your favorite trap song comes on:

    20. When you realize life doesn't get much better than this:

    21. When someone wants to talk to you, so you try to look busy by pretending to read:

    22. When I realized Luna is literally her mommy's mini:

    23. When she was both cute and comfortable:

    24. When you're trying to exercise, but then someone walks by with a slice of pizza:

    25. When there's nothing quite like being in the middle of a Teigen, Legend sandwich:

    26. When you can't figure out who drools more:

    27. When being cute just comes so naturally:

    28. When you're missing daddy like:

    29. When your food still hasn't arrived, so you decided to eat the air instead:

    30. When Luna was preparing for MasterChef Junior:

    31. When Luna decided to trade in her pacifier for a passport:

    32. When mommy was admiring from afar...well, not too far:

    33. When Luna made me actually consider buying clothes with food on them:

    34. When I got lost in those eyes:

    35. When I noticed the way John looks at her.... (heart begins to melt):

    36. When Chrissy was head over heels for that little face, as well:

    37. When you're a family that cooks together, you eat well together:

    38. When Luna's feelings were mutual:

    39. When "please" doesn't work, so you whip out THE FACE:

    40. When she was just a few days old and already breaking hears:

    41. And let's flashback to when Chrissy and John got to meet their pretty princess for the first time:

    Sooooo....after all that I just wanted to say: Happy birthday Luna!

    Netflix / Via

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