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    Posted on Apr 25, 2017

    27 Times Rihanna Was The Funniest Savage On Instagram

    Zero fucks given...

    Selena Gomez might be the most followed on Instagram, but Rihanna is hands down the most entertaining.

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    From her love of Photoshop... the personal slays she delivers on a daily basis, her IG stays lit.

    Which is why I want to highlight one of her Instagram's greatest assets: memes.

    1. Let's start with her most recent, when she perfectly described how petty a relationship can make you:

    2. Or when she fully understood just how frustrating, yet fulfilling, having unique ideas can be:

    3. When she realized being a fuckboy would get you nowhere:

    4. When she realized coming to terms with your attitude is the first step:

    5. And somehow she knew embracing your inner asshole would only lead to a happier life:

    6. Remember when she admired another female's inner and outer beauty?

    7. When she made you feel a little less crazy about putting a tracking device in your boo's phone, car, and shoes:

    8. When she knew Mondays hit everyone the same way:

    9. Or that time she knew the "like" button just wasn't cutting it for anyone:

    10. When she knew that even if your mouth tells a lie, your face is bound to tell the truth:

    11. When she wasn't the only one asking Google hard-hitting questions:

    12. When she was familiar with the annoying "what are we?" convo:

    13. When she knew the struggle of only fucking with a few of your followers:

    14. When she realized that finding humor in the holidays is important:

    15. When she realized the power of a good selfie could make your ex or your local fuckboy cry inside:

    16. When she realized being a female means being prepared for any and EVERY situation:

    17. When she realized just how irrelevant the haters in your life are:

    18. When she fully understood how stressful it gets when your friends aren't ready:

    19. Or when she knew that any form of disrespect is for the birds:

    20. When she understood your bratty ways:

    21. Remember when they tried to kick her off Instagram for her "racy" content?

    22. Or when that drama with Donald Sterling came to light?

    23. When she realized pettiness literally has NO boundaries:

    24. When she refused to let emotions get in the way of making money:

    25. When she realized if someone's brows aren't straight, their facts probably aren't either:

    26. When she perfectly understood how obnoxious people at the bar get after buying you a drink:

    27. When she realized birds of a feather flock together:

    Despite the outlet, I can always count on the bad gal from Barbados to show up and show out!

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