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    15 Times We Knew Hailey Baldwin Was Destined For Maxim's "World's Sexiest Woman"

    You have to give the woman her props!

    Hailey Baldwin just topped Maxim's list of World's Sexiest Women and we completely understand why.

    Besides gaining automatic cool points for being Stephen Baldwin's daughter and Alec's niece, the 20-year-old model is drop dead GORGEOUS!

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

    So, let's just take a trip down beauty lane and re-visit all the times you tried to double-tap her pictures more than once:

    1. When she went to the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival serving face on a silver platter:

    2. When she was just chilling with her fresh face on a carpet:

    3. When her waves were so perfect they almost made us seasick:

    4. And then gave us life with these tight curls:

    5. Or when she made the face everyone makes when there's no more food:

    6. And again, when she gave us classic Hails:

    7. Then there was the time she put all our Snapchat photos to shame:

    8. And hit us with that Colgate smile:

    9. Also, when her cornrows game was on 100:

    10. Then there was the time we were introduced to the brunette bombshell:

    11. Or when she reminded us why vintage band tees will never go out of style:

    12. And when she pouted her way to perfection:

    13. And made all of our lazy day selfies look like poop:

    14. Or when she handled the Beyoncé wind effect like a pro:

    15. And finally, she even made the original Instagram filters look cool:

    So, with all of this we just want to say, congratulations!

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