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    • morganc10

      One night, full of PBR on draft and regret, I woke up on an air mattress in the middle of a friend’s apartment. I felt pretty okay and went to the bathroom. I could tell by looking at my face in the mirror I had gotten sick but couldn’t remember having puked in the bathroom and there was no visible trace of it on my clothes, in any part of the bed or apartment. So I pack up to leave and stick my foot into my boot which was right next to the air mattress. It quickly became apparent something was wrong and came to the sad realization I had vommed directly into my ankle high length boot and had nearly filled it to the brim. I then spent the next 20 minutes or so trying to empty my shoe and clean up as much as possible. Sadly my hangover started to hit full force so the smell made me even sicker. It came to the point where I was cleaning my boot as best as I could in the sink while simultaneously puking into the toilet. Finally the boot was as clean as possible and I had to wear it all the way home. Which at the time was NJ and I woken up in the east village of NYC. So to get home I had to walk in my vomit boot several blocks, 2 subways, through the Port Authority Bus, an hour long bus ride, and a car ride home. I gave up drinking for a long time after that.

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