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My Dad, The Superhero Of My Life

Ever since I could remember, my dad has been there for me. Now it is my turn to return all the love he has shown me.

Gillian Elizabeth Humphreys

Do you remember the time you sat on the porch stairs giggling together? Or when you fell off of your bike? Do you remember the time when you were having a break down and needed someone to be there for you? Who was there all of those times? Who was there to make you laugh and smile? Who kissed your bruises all better? Who told you that they would always be there for you? The answer to all of these questions is Dad. On Fathers Day we get to thank our Dads for being there. Take it from me, my Dad is a super funny, awesome, fabulous, caring guy, he works from home and boy, my siblings, mom, and I are so lucky to have him there for us. My Mom is a doctor and she works a lot so it is nice to have my Dad there to spoil us! My Dad is also a cartoonist and a pretty good one to say the least. I love it when he shows me his cartoons, they make me laugh and think that I have the best dad in the world, and I do! We are lucky to have a day when we get to tell them how great they are. Sometimes we really forget how much they do for us, I rarely think about just how much my Dad sacrifices for us. As I sit here typing this article it makes me think that our Dads deserve more credit then we give them, with me, my Brother, Sister, and Mom to take care of, I often wonder how he does it all!

So on Father's Day, I thank my Super Dad and all of the other Dads out there!

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