Shia LaBeouf And Maddie Ziegler Unleash The Inner Beast In Sia's "Elastic Heart" Video

    The thoroughly weird and thoroughly Sia "Chandelier" sequel.

    Huzzah! Sia and incredible 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler have FINALLY reunited. Here's the new video for "Elastic Heart," co-starring a half-naked, brutish Shia LaBeouf.

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    It's a sequel of sorts to the iconic "Chandelier" video from last summer, which now has over 400 million views on YouTube. "Elastic Heart" was produced by Diplo and featured on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as well as Sia's sixth studio album 1000 Forms of Fear.

    LaBeouf channels much of the eccentric energy he displayed in Sigur Rós' music video for "Fjögur píanó," where he was also paired with a blonde interpretive dance partner. This time — thankfully — he's covered his junk.

    Maddie, of course, is adorably fierce.

    The two face off in a well-choreographed battle around a cage in a sparse room, with co-directors Sia and Daniel Askill reincorporating the same muted tones seen in "Chandelier."

    The battle winds down and the opponents inevitably befriend one another.

    As both attempt to escape the cage, only Ziegler makes it through, with LaBeouf futilely attempting over and over again as the music video fades to black.

    Sad day, Shia. But hey, remember how awesome "Chandelier" is?

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