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16 Struggles All Music Lovers Know Too Well

One dead earbud.

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3. When one side of your headphones/earbuds goes out, forcing you to suffer with lopsided sound until you can buy a new pair.

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Bonus: When most of the song's unique sounds were meant to come out through the other end and all you hear is an unaccompanied bassline.

5. When you call shotgun and you already have a playlist in mind, but the driver insists on picking the music.

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"So I've set myself up for greater potential crash harm and I can't even pick a song? I might as well lie in the trunk."

6. When you hear an amazing song in a store or a restaurant, but it's too noisy to be detected by Shazam or Soundhound.

7. When you realize your meticulously organized iTunes library is both astounding and sad.

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"Where will all my album-quality mp3s with proper ID3 tags and artwork get me in life?" (Answer: nowhere.)

9. When you spend 30 minutes in the shower after a show, trying to get the smell of alcohol and everyone else off you to no avail.

10. When the music video for your favorite new single looks nothing like the music video you produced/directed/edited in your head.

Wendy Williams Productions / Via

"Why isn't this in black and white? Where are all the contemporary dancers? The plumes of smoke?"

13. When your friends don't want to participate in your music-themed Halloween costume ideas.

Lionsgate Entertainment / Via

"If you guys don't wanna be Destiny's Child in 'Survivor' then we can just go as Bananarama! Guys? Guys?!"

15. When an amazing song comes on in the bar, but the DJ abruptly switches to an inferior song less than two minutes in.

Big Machine / Via

What, is the DJ attempting to make a Guinness Record for shoving as many songs into a shift as possible? Play the whole thing!

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