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    • monicasp

      I must say, asafarm & show-ring raised animal lover, this makes me sick! These animals have become nothing but experiments for veterinary science under the auspice of humanity! HUMANITY?! Animals are just that … animals. Their display of hierarchal acceptance & survival instincts are misinterpreted by us as complete & true human-like emotions & “love”. In the wild, an animal that is injured or born defective dies … simple as that … survival of the fittest. It’s not pretty, it’s gut-wrenching@times, but that’s what it is. The animal has no voice. The animal doesn’t comprehend “love & adoration” as we do … the animal comprehends instinctive needs & yes, on some level,aform of affection as given to any alpha. What we put them through to survive is not for THEIR benefit, it is for OURS! WE extend their pain & trauma in order to make OURselves feel better, to prevent OUR hurt & loneliness, to give USasense of worth & well-being. WE are selfish … yes the animal will give it’s all under any circumstances. You know why? Because WE are the alphas & WE decide their fate & THEY use INSTINCT to survive, regardless of pain & inability to fulfill their instinctual purpose. Go on safari & then go toazoo … noticeadifference?! Think about it while you watch the pacing & swaying & empty stares, repeated over & over! There isalimit to everything. We are their guardians, not their gods …