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28 Animals That Don't Give A Crap About Their Disabilities

These fur balls were dealt crappy hands, but they're still smiling, purring and wagging their little tails. That's what I would call totally inspirational!

1. This Unbelievably Precious French Bulldog

2. Amazing Gracie, a Cat Born Without Front Legs

3. Dominic, the Greyhound With Only Two Left Legs

4. Faith, the Dog Who Walks on Her Hind Legs

5. Lola, the Cat Who Does a Walking Handstand

6. Anakin, the Cat With No Hind Legs

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He was born without a pelvis and back legs, but that doesn't hold back this playful kitty.

7. Chris P Bacon, the Piglet in a Wheelchair

8. Oskar, the Blind Cat

9. Holli, the Alpaca With a Lift

10. Callie, the Legless Kitty

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This poor baby was electrocuted, but now she can get around fine with a little human help.

11. These Goats That Constantly Faint

12. Frank and Louie, the Guiness Record Making Two-Faced Cat

13. These Adorable Fainting Kittens

14. Lily, the Lionhead Bunny

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Her three-point turn is impeccable.

15. Neville, the Polydactyl Cat With Pooping Issues

16. Joe, the Paraplegic Easter Bunny

17. Charlotte, a Blind Kitty

18. Chase No Face, the Cat

19. This Goldfish That Can't Stay Afloat

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Now he can swim and play with all his fishy buddies!

20. Daisy, a Blind and Deaf Dog

21. Max, the Retired Police Dog

22. An Elephant With a Prosthetic Leg

23. Naki’o, the Dog With Four New Legs

24. Roosevelt, the Border Collie on Wheels

25. Blueberry, a Bunny With Custom Wheels

26. Hoppa, the Dog With the Coolest Looking Wheelchair Ever

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His tail says it all.

27. Rowan, the Dog That Uses Echolocation

28. Oscar, the World's First Bionic Cat