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28 Animals That Don't Give A Crap About Their Disabilities

These fur balls were dealt crappy hands, but they're still smiling, purring and wagging their little tails. That's what I would call totally inspirational!

1. This Unbelievably Precious French Bulldog / Via

I dare you to find a cuter derp.

2. Amazing Gracie, a Cat Born Without Front Legs


She runs and plays and can even jump up on her cat furniture. Heart is melted.

3. Dominic, the Greyhound With Only Two Left Legs


Dominic is still a speed demon AND he defies the laws of physics!

4. Faith, the Dog Who Walks on Her Hind Legs


She's so awesome, she's even Oprah's favorite animal.

5. Lola, the Cat Who Does a Walking Handstand


Lola's mad upper body strength is just too adorable.

6. Anakin, the Cat With No Hind Legs

View this video on YouTube

He was born without a pelvis and back legs, but that doesn't hold back this playful kitty.

7. Chris P Bacon, the Piglet in a Wheelchair


Just look at the smile on this little piggy. Look at it!

8. Oskar, the Blind Cat

Via Facebook: BlindOskar

Confidently posing on the red carpet for all his fans!

9. Holli, the Alpaca With a Lift


Young and old adore this baby alpaca, even without working legs.

10. Callie, the Legless Kitty

View this video on YouTube

This poor baby was electrocuted, but now she can get around fine with a little human help.

11. These Goats That Constantly Faint


Sure they fall a lot, but every time they pick themselves back up and keep going.

12. Frank and Louie, the Guiness Record Making Two-Faced Cat


No one expected him to live for more than a few days, but 12 years later he's still proving them wrong.

13. These Adorable Fainting Kittens


It's not easy being a fainting kitten, but these two make it by sticking together.

14. Lily, the Lionhead Bunny

View this video on YouTube


Her three-point turn is impeccable.

15. Neville, the Polydactyl Cat With Pooping Issues


Neurological issues make it hard for Neville to poop when he's trying, but it sneaks out later when he's relaxed. He's not embarrassed though, he purrs the whole time his butt is getting cleaned!

16. Joe, the Paraplegic Easter Bunny


Some of the other bunnies are probably a little jealous of his awesome ride.

17. Charlotte, a Blind Kitty


She's a little derpy looking, but is a total sweetie who has no problem getting into bookbags.

18. Chase No Face, the Cat

Via Facebook: Chase-No-Face

10 out of 10 vets agree that Chase is a super happy cat despite being disfigured.

19. This Goldfish That Can't Stay Afloat

View this video on YouTube


Now he can swim and play with all his fishy buddies!

20. Daisy, a Blind and Deaf Dog


Hellen Keller could never be this cute.

21. Max, the Retired Police Dog


When a dog wants to have some fun in leaves, even arthritis and a wheelchair can't hold him back.

22. An Elephant With a Prosthetic Leg


Obviously a sand party is only way to celebrate this new limb.

23. Naki’o, the Dog With Four New Legs


Look, he doesn't have toes, but that doesn't stop him from jumping for joy.

24. Roosevelt, the Border Collie on Wheels


I can only pop a wheelie that high in my dreams.

25. Blueberry, a Bunny With Custom Wheels


She just looks so cozy in there.

26. Hoppa, the Dog With the Coolest Looking Wheelchair Ever

View this video on YouTube


His tail says it all.

27. Rowan, the Dog That Uses Echolocation


He's was born without eyes, so he learned how to improvise.

28. Oscar, the World's First Bionic Cat


We have the technology and it's beautiful.

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