If Liz Lemon And Leslie Knope Co-Hosted The Golden Globes

75% of this will probably still happen.

1. Wardrobe choices would be unconventional.

NBC / Via hercampus.com

4. The physical awards would be edible.

5. Elaborate compliments would be directed at deserving winners.

NBC / Via thejukepop.com

6. There would be victory laps.

7. The ladies would be vocal about unfavorable snubs.

NBC / Via crushable.com

9. A blatant disregard for all indie films would be displayed.

11. Food would be eaten.

12. A lot of food.

13. Especially waffles.

14. But definitely not salads.

17. Every detail would be meticulously planned out.

NBC / Via zdouf.com

18. The show would not be filmed in high-def, obviously.

19. Green screens would not be used.

20. Both ladies would operate the show as a platform for leveraging gender equality.

22. Bold denouncements would be made.

24. Some inevitable catastrophe would cause the show to almost collapse.

26. Well-founded threats would be made.

28. Then there would be stress drinking.

NBC / Via mashable.com

29. And classy drinking.

30. And shots, just because.

NBC / Via buzzfeed.com

31. Followed by drunken crying.

NBC / Via complex.com

33. Outlandish dancing.

35. Shameless flirting.

NBC / Via buzzfeed.com

37. Dramatic outbursts.

39. And diva storms.

NBC / Via complex.com

41. But ultimately everyone would become aware of their poorly executed workout regimens.

43. At the end of the show, they would engage in self-praise.

45. Their exits would be equally boss.

47. Liz would have a three way with James Franco and his Japanese body, Kamiko.

48. Leslie would finally get it on with Joe Biden.

NBC / Via thewire.com

50. They would go there.

NBC / Via rebloggy.com

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