Why Leslie Knope And Ann Perkins Are Pawnee’s Ultimate Power Couple

The greatest love affair Indiana has ever seen.

1. Ann always gives Leslie wonderful advice.

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2. Leslie made Ann watch Harry Potter, which is the greatest basis for any relationship.

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3. Ann helps Leslie in her most anxious moments.

ID: 1645893

4. Leslie made Ann this really cool calendar.

(Joe Biden’s B-Day <3)

ID: 1645887

5. They work together to accomplish great things, while wearing these awesome helmets.

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6. Leslie never hesitates to compliment Ann’s beauty…

ID: 1645897

…like ever.

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7. They have sweet snuggle time.

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8. Leslie makes powerpoints about her one true love.

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9. They enjoy pulling pranks on each other.

What other power couple does this? Only Knope and Perkins.

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10. If Leslie is in any kind of medical danger, Ann can nurse her back to health.

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11. Leslie organized a grand celebration for Ann’s first day working at the Parks department…

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…and Ann was right by Leslie’s side when she won the race for city council.

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12. They sing “Lady Marmalade” when they’re drunk.

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13. Ann never lets Leslie forget about her wonderful heart and super smart mind.

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14. The way they stare into each other’s eyes is so damn genuine and beautiful.

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15. When Tom put all of Leslie’s emails into a computer to calculate what’s most important in her life, it turned out to be Pawnee, parks, and Ann.

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16. They know how to dance together… which is essential in any relationship.

ID: 1646004

17. They also know how to have a good time…

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18. …and look like bawses when doing so.

ID: 1651087

19. Leslie doesn’t hide her undying love for Ann in the public eye.

ID: 1646019

20. Ann will defend Leslie if anyone ever bothers her.

ID: 1651121

21. Leslie makes cute rhymes to reassure Ann just how important she is in her life.

ID: 1646046

22. They depend on each other when they’re involved in stressful situations.

ID: 1646030

23. Leslie reminds Ann just how incredible their story is…

ID: 1646037

24. …Ann’s first impression of Leslie was clearly love at first sight.

ID: 1650839

Sure, their relationship might be frustrating at times…

ID: 1650856

…but that’s normal when you’re Pawnee’s power couple.

ID: 1650860

Ann would be silly to ever leave Leslie,

ID: 1651133

and Leslie would never abandon her beautiful Ann.

ID: 1651136

Because these two were made for each other, and they belong to nobody else.

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