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    • mollys12

      Coming out to my ultra liberal parents was, thankfully, a breeze. When I told my dad (on the phone) that I had gone on a date with a girl, it was like I had told him the sky was blue. The only thing he really said was, “You have to tell your mother.” Fair enough. I called my Mom, who lived 2 hours away, & said that I had begun dating a girl. Her response? She blurted out, “Just don’t chop off all your hair!” I assured her that I was still the same makeup & hair-loving girl I always had been, and that being a lesbian didn’t require a butch cut. She laughed, I laughed, and that was that. I went home to visit a few weekends later, and to my surprise, my mom had ordered the books written by Ellen DeGeneres’ mom. She had highlighted some things, asked me about my feelings, and wanted to make sure she was supporting me in the best way possible. I am incredibly lucky and thankful to have had such a positive coming out experience! My parents are the best. They’ve supported me since that first date (which was with the girl who is now my wife!) and I am forever grateful.

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