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Mombod Is The Internet's Reaction To The Dadbod Trend

#Mombod is on the rise.

The internet has exploded with the trend of dadbod, thanks to this article in The Odyssey.


It praises the dude who drinks beer, eats pizza, and doesn't go to the gym.

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But wait a minute. Not everyone is praising the dadbod.

If men use this dadbod trend as an excuse to drink six packs and eat pizza while demanding their wives be yogapants hot SO HELP ME

In fact, some people are calling out the double standard of praising men for letting themselves go but constantly focusing on how women should lose weight after becoming moms.

isn’t it weird how women lose their bodies and become ethereal vapor for a short time after giving birth

Has Kate Middleton shed that disgusting #mombod yet. Can someone report?

is #MomBod gonna start trending? Or do moms still gotta run marathons and get personal trainers and go on diets #patriarchy

Some people merely wished that the average look of a woman could be seen as desirable.

I would really love to live in a world where being a mildly overweight woman was found attractive #MomBod

I'd be more excited about the #dadbod thing if there were a #mombod equivalent. Why are men off the hook for how they look but not women?

Waiting for #mombod to start trending. Can't wait until the media tells me I can start loving my body now, the way it is.

Of course, there is some concern that celebrating "mombod" could hurt men.

but if we start to celebrate mombod, how are average looking men supposed to hold onto their impossible standards for women?

But people seem to be onboard for mombod regardless.

S/O to all the ladies with a killer #mombod.

Slay, mamas.

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