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25 Reasons "The Muppet Christmas Carol" Is The Best Carol Of Them All

Twenty years later, and no adaptation can top it.

1. Michael Caine's death stare.

2. A blue furry Charles Dickens.

3. The most accommodating sidekick.

4. A frog Tiny Tim who's more more endearing than any human Tiny Tim.

5. Which means an even sadder Tiny Tim death.

6. This guy.

7. For once a turkey "twice the size of Tiny Tim" isn't hyperbole.

8. Two Marleys are better than one.

9. Rats in grass skirts.

10. Old Muppets!

11. The ghost of Christmas yet to come is legitimately scary.

12. So is the ghost of Christmas past.

13. They cast Sam the eagle as a Brit.

14. "When Love is Gone" and the breakdowns it can lead to.

15. Flying muppets.

16. Miss Piggy and Kermit as a married couple.

17. Singing vegetables.

18. Singing lock boxes

19. Caroling grapes.

20. The penguin's Christmas skating party.

21. Mean spirited business men played by actual pigs.

22. Outragged Beaker.

23. Gift wrapped mouse-sized cheese.

24. The puns.

25. When the muppets sing it, you believe them