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Mar 2017
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    mollyd464f2b502 commented on What's The Most Wholesome Restaurant Story You've Experienced As Server?

    When I was still pretty new to being a waitress I got this huge 20 person table. I was not looking forward to serving this table because this was the first time I had ever served a table this big. When I went to the table though I found out it was this team of girl rugby players who… 


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    mollyd464f2b502 commented on What's A Movie That You Can Rewatch A Million Times And Still Love?

    I always watch The Fifth Element after a hard day at work because it’s such a great movie! I love it because it’s a bit of everything like action, romance, sci-fi, and comedy. And of course the overall message that love can save us all always gets me. Ugh, now I want to watch it again… 


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    mollyd464f2b502 commented on Do You Have Any Advice For People Feeling Homesick?

    I'm a freshman in college and whenever I start to miss home I try and do something that takes a lot of attention that reminds me of home. My sister plays the ukulele and we used to sing together all of the time, so I've been trying to learn how to play the ukulele myself. It gives… 


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    mollyd464f2b502 commented on Who Would You Pick To Star In Your Imaginary, But Perfect, Gay Film?

    So the movie is about Scarlett Johansson, a superhero who is always saving the city from various super villains. She has a partner, Benedict Cumberbatch, who she has been dating off and on for years. Recently she has broken up with him yet again when she meets the cute, quirky, and… 


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