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Since Fashion Is Constantly Repeating Itself, I Want To See If You Can Guess Which Decade These Teen Movies Are From Just From A Character's Outfit

Patiently waiting for 2010s Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties to show back up in teen movies...

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Fashion repeats itself every 20–40 years. It's why trends from the '90s and '00s are super in right now.

And why trends from the '60s were big in the '90s.

Women wearing 1960s and 1990s minidresses

And why the '70s were big in the '00s.

Women wearing 1970s and 2000s hip-hugger bell bottoms

And why the '80s were big in the 2010s. And it just keeps going from there.

Madonna wearing '80s stacked bracelets, large earrings, and a large hair ribbon, and two women wearing 2010s hair ribbons and jean/leather jackets

So I'm wondering, if I show you a screenshot from a teen movie from a certain decade — but only a screenshot of the character's outfit — whether you'll be able to guess correctly which decade that movie is from. Let's get started!