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    28 Questionable Pieces Of Home Decor

    To each their own, I guess.

    When it comes to decor, taste is definitely subjective. Some people prefer to follow trends or decorate their homes with what's in fashion, while others have a more...eccentric taste.

    Here are 28 pieces of decor from those more unconventional people. And hey, maybe some of these things will end up being the next big design trend.

    1. This Metallica toilet:

    a toilet with Lars Ulrich sculpted into it

    2. This carpet that looks like a hardwood floor:

    carpet with hardwood floor print

    3. This set of jean-patterened china:

    blue china on a table

    4. This jouch:

    furniture with jean fabric

    5. These jairs:

    chairs in jean fabric

    6. OK, last one, I promise. This Levi's jirror:

    mirror with jean fabric

    7. This pretty realistic-looking hand candle:

    hand candle

    8. This horned chair that's actually making me ill:

    chair with horns

    9. These dog head/human body statues:

    statue with a dog head
    more statues with dog heads

    10. This mirror that I'm assuming has magical powers that show you what you'd look like as a cowboy:

    mirror with leather cowboy boot fabric around the mirror

    11. This dangerous ceiling:

    restaurant with mugs on the ceiling

    12. This finger tea set that definitely comes to life at night:

    tea set

    13. The bullet-detail on this bathroom tile:

    bullets in bathroom tile

    14. These radiator chairs that I'm assuming aren't very comfortable:

    chair made from old radiators

    15. This chair that also comes to life at night:

    a chair with a Marine uniform sewed into it

    16. This piece of "furniture":

    a stool decorated like a person in his underwear

    17. This clown shower with very questionable placement of its on/off lever:

    a shower with a clown design

    18. This tennis ball chair which might actually help get your back muscle knots out:

    a chair with tennis balls inside it

    19. This terrifying couch:

    couch with naked children statues hovering around it

    20. This measuring tape room divider:

    many pieces of extended measuring tape creating a door
    the top of the measuring tape device
    retracted measuring tape to create an entryway

    21. This horned mannequin:

    a mannequin with horns

    22. This Jack Daniel's water fountain:

    Jack Daniel's fountain

    23. This very-expensive-to-make shoe chair:

    couch decorated with shoe designs

    24. This cutlery set that doubles as a wrench set:

    fork, spoon, and knife on one side and wrench on the other

    25. These plywood cabinets (imagine the splinters):

    plywood cabinets

    26. This moss floor:

    moss carpeting on a bathroom floor

    27. This sink that I would probably stand on the side of while using:

    sink with sculpture of person leaning over it

    28. And finally, this mosaic Minion rock:

    mosaic in the design of a minion

    H/T: r/ATBGE