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People Are Sharing Fashion Trends They're Completely Over And Absolutely Do Not Want To See In 2023

Maybe we, as a society, will finally agree on a rise of jeans in 2023.

It's December, which means it's that time of year again! Making resolutions, creating goals for the new year, and saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new!

When it comes to fashion, it's no different. While we're all getting ready for some sure-to-be-iconic 2023 fashion, it's time to say goodbye to some older trends. Recently, I asked the BuzzFeed Community which trends they want to see die with 2022, and they certainly did not hold back.

So, let's ring in the New Year right, and say goodbye to these 33 trends:

Note: Trends are a completely and totally made-up concept and something corporations manufacture for their own capitalist agendas. Every person I used as an example in this post looks incredible and are merely used as a visual aid, NOT for the purpose of ridicule.

1. "Resin jewelry! It looks cheap and tacky, yet sellers charge a fortune for it. Also, it's horrendous for the environment."

Resin rings

2. "We need to ditch the tiny purses that hold a single chapstick."

A woman holding a tiny purse

3. "The checker-print everywhere thing got real old real quick. It's cute, but it's a trend that is on a crash course."

Brec Bassinger in Stargirl

4. "Wolf cuts!!!"

Closeup of Doja Cat

5. "Low-rise jeans. They take so much work and planning to look good."

Julia Fox

6. "Chunky loafers need to stop being a thing because they're uncomfortable as hell."

Closeup of someone's chunky loafers

7. "That make-up-trend that has been going on for years now: covering your face with tons of foundation (which makes your contours and natural facial features disappear, which makes you look like a glitched Sims character), and therefore needing tons of other products to re-paint your face again."

8. "Every top/jacket/blouse being cropped. I can never find basic items that aren't cropped (plain fitted tees, tank tops, etc.). Things that are slightly cropped, I have to buy a couple sizes up to compensate for the length. Is it really too much to ask for trendy clothes that aren't cropped?"

9. "Matching sets. I said what I said. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

Closeup of a woman wearing a matching set

10. "The whole Y2K thing can go honestly."

11. "Tiny sunglasses. Seriously, what good are those doing? They’re barely big enough to cover your eyeball!"

Bella Hadid

12. "Sherpa EVERYTHING. I don't want to see another crusty, fuzzy bag. They get so gross so easily and just don't look good. It'll be out of style in a matter of months, and all those Marc Jacobs bags will end up at Goodwill."

Nicky Hilton seen out and about in Manhattan on November 22, 2022 in New York City

13. "Bucket hats. My god, burn them! They serve no purpose and look good on absolutely no one."

Boo, Bitch

14. "Corsets."

Dove Cameron

15. "Short pants. Aren't your ankles cold? Did we learn nothing from cold shoulder tops?"

Closeup of someone's pants

16. "Skinny jeans. You all look like Gru."

A woman in skinny jeans

17. "The man bun. Every time I see one, I wanna knock the guy out and cut it off."

Screenshot from "Wednesday"

18. "High-waisted everything. If you look at Old Navy, every pair of pants is high-waisted or even higher than high-waisted. Please leave a few mid-waist options for us short girls. I don't need my jeans to cover my boobs."

A woman wearing high-waisted jeans

19. "Those extremely tight leggings that go all the way into your ass. It's like wearing a thong, but with legs. Please go away."

women in tights squatting

20. "What do you call that thing with the pants and boots morphed into one that Kim Kardashian always wears? That thing. Make it go away."

Kim Kardashian on "SNL"

21. "When there's more cutouts than fabric. We can leave that behind."

Hailey Bieber posting for a photo with a friend

22. "Laminated eyebrows. These will be like the thin eyebrows of the '00s that haunt millennials. Absolutely ludicrous."

23. "Bike shorts. Enough with the camel toe!"

Love Island USA

24. "Clothes made with either really thin fabric or fabric that starts pilling immediately after you buy it. It's getting harder and harder to find normal shirts where the fabric doesn't feel like tissue paper."

A woman browsing in a store

25. "Please stop with the Crocs. They are literally rubber clogs with holes in them. I hate when I’m at work and all the staff has scrubs and Crocs on. It’s so gross. What if some bodily fluid falls in one of those holes? Do you think about that? Plus, they’re so ugly! Just stop."

Closeup of someone's Crocs

26. "Hugely oversized stuff. I bought a coat that was a size 00 (which I am not), and it was still very loose, which would have been fine, but the shoulders were comically large on me."

Alyssa Milano

27. "Bleached eyebrows, I never understood them."

Closeup of Maisie Williams

28. "Mullets. They didn't look good in the '80s, and they don't look good now."

Closeup of Kristen Stewart

29. "Wide-legged jeans! I did my time with those things. I don't want to relive it!"

Closeup of someone wearing jeans

30. "Personally, I don't really like the 'Y2k grunge fairy' trend with, like, a lot of browns and long denim skirts. It looks very drab, and I hate the color brown. Everyone has their own style and can make it work, but I do hate seeing this style."

Paris Jackson

31. And finally, "Anything that Portia has worn in The White Lotus."

Screenshot from "The White Lotus"

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What trends are you hoping to see in 2023? Let me know in the comments!

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