Molly Mahana
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    • Molly Mahana

      I can’t understand why humans get their panties in a wad over animals, but don’t show the same outrage over the issues that plague their fellow man, woman, child. Approximately 783,000,000 people have limited/no access to clean water. Approximately 30,000,000 people are enslaved. Children are beaten and abused and neglected. Many people have no access to basic medical care. People are starving, fleeing for their lives, trying to put pieces back together from a storm, desperate for help and everyone is losing their minds over a lion. I’m not saying we don’t care about those issues at all, but these hateful, violent comments do nothing to show any kind of humanity or civility. How one person lives is no one’s business but their own until it causes harm to someone else. She did not harm a human. She did not kill an endangered animal. She followed all the laws, donated the meat from the kill to a community that was grateful for it, and went on about her business. I am sure that all of these violent, sometimes threatening comments will DEFINITELY change her mind on her career/life decisions. There is a way to voice your opinions with tact and passion and respect. Posting someone’s contact information without their permission and encouraging others to send their piece of mind to that person is completely crossing the line/illegal. Wishing violent ends to someone because they did something you personally deem wrong shows a lack of maturity and humanity.

    • Molly Mahana

      I totally agree that her rant at the concert was hateful and inappropriate. God hates no one. EVER. Though, I have to say, I’m a bit confused. In this piece, the phrase “Shocked has said some very bigoted things about gays in the past,” is followed by a title to an article that reads “Michelle Shocked believes being gay is a sin.” How is that bigoted? That is part of her religion. If an Islamic or Muslim or Jewish person said that, it would not have been questioned. Yes, some people that claim Christianity are horrible bigots. True Christians do believe that homosexuality is a sin but they also understand that everyone is entitled to their own choices and ways of life so they leave it at that. Christianity is not a crusade to change others. It is about a personal relationship with Christ and showing the love that Christ showed us to others regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, class, gender, or age.

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