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10 Signs You're Over Your Job

Maybe once upon a time you entered your office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but those times are long gone. One day, you find yourself taking a coveted sick day so you can see a matinee of an embarrassingly bad movie or passing out at your desk from sheer boredom, and you ask yourself: Why am I still here?

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1. You start to ignore your boss's requests.

Oh, is that time sensitive? I'll get right on it...

2. You find it much harder to be cordial to the coworkers you never really liked.

3. The excuses you have for running late no longer make sense.

4. You call in sick for absolutely no reason.

5. You fall asleep at your desk.

Extra points if you master the art of dozing in a way that no one notices.

6. You want to drink until you can't feel feelings every day.

Any vice will do as long as it drowns the echoing of your coworkers' voices in your skull.

7. You regularly roll into work hungover.

(See also: No. 6)

8. You won't attend company-sponsored events anymore. (Even the fun ones.)

Free food? Great. Free drinks? Awesome. Coworkers off the clock? I think I'll pass...

9. You have completely lost your professionalism.

10. You literally stop working.

You slowly come to the realization that you have, in fact, had enough.

So, you start sending out résumés to every opening you see...

...and you suddenly start going to more "appointments"...

...until you get a new job.

So you pack up your stuff...

...say your good-byes...

...and get the hell out!

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