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Amanda Bynes: Britney Spears Or Joaquin Phoenix?

Amanda Bynes has been making her rounds in the tabloids lately by acting a little off, to say the least. But the question remains: is she having a meltdown a la Britney Spears and genuinely needs help? Or is she trolling us all and pulling a Joaquin Phoenix? You be the judge.

Mollie F. 6 years ago

10 Signs You're Over Your Job

Maybe once upon a time you entered your office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but those times are long gone. One day, you find yourself taking a coveted sick day so you can see a matinee of an embarrassingly bad movie or passing out at your desk from sheer boredom, and you ask yourself: Why am I still here?

Mollie F. 6 years ago

13 Cringeworthy Middle School Dance Songs

In the mid-to-late 1990s, we were tweens dancing to some sick jams. Sure, we knew all the lyrics to every song, but, as most of us still had bedtimes, we didn't really get what those words meant. Here are 13 songs about boners, doing crystal meth, and wrapping your dick up when you're with a hooker that we rocked out to in the school gym.

Mollie F. 6 years ago