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      BTW Both, Minnesota and Wisconsin, are Northern states with similar types of people and similar work ethics. Both went through the same 2009 recession, like the rest of America did.  Walker’s Tea Party policies simply DO NOT WORK. Tea People are simply uneducated and willfully being lied to by FOX hosts, Limbaugh, Bachmann, Palin, Beck and other right wing charlatans.  They are told REPEATEDLY that they are the only ones in on the truth to shun other media outlets as well as educated people (aka liberals). It’s really SAD. It is willful ignorance on a mass scale. It’s the old saying, if you repeat a lie often enough, many will believe it.

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      Jaybone, a course in the difference between macro and micro economics would help too. A government doesn’t operate on the same economic model as a personal (or business) account. When the economy is slow, the government needs to invest in the middle class (in infrastructure & similar blue collar jobs) to get it moving again — more tax payers are created and fewer people are on unemployment. When things are doing well, it can lay back a bit. Austerity is the current European model, and it obviously failed. For an all American comparison, compare Minnesota (applying left wing policies) to Wisconsin (the right wing agenda). Minnesota is now doing well (with unions) and Wisconsin is 49th in job creation (without unions).

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