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People Are Just Discovering What Leslie Jordan Looked Like When He Was Younger

The best part was that his nickname was Sweet 'n' Low.

Leslie Jordan was one of like three celebrities who every single human being loved.

Leslie standing in front of a wall of multicolored balloons

We're talking Dolly Parton levels of likability.

Leslie and another making shocked faces as they peek from behind a door

His Instagram was truly a gift.

From Lady Gaga tutorials... Drew Barrymore jaunts in the rain... re-creating famous celeb looks.

My personal favorite being this Timothée Chalamet one.

He was pure love and light.

And now that he has passed, people are discovering *just* how hot he was when he was younger.

A couple years ago, Leslie posted a picture of himself with a six-pack in the '80s.

He posted another one a day later.

And now it seems like people are just discovering this.

Looked up “young Leslie Jordan” and this is what came up, I’m sick!! God is so unfair!!

@thelesliejordan/ Instagram: @thelesliejordan Twitter: @rauhling_bizzle

"Why have I never seen any pictures of young Leslie Jordan before???" this person said.

why have I never seen any picture of young leslie jordan before??? he was an adorable older gentleman and an absolute hunk when he was younger!

@thelesliejordan/ Instagram: @thelesliejordan Twitter: @maxxie1129

Another called him what he was...a straight-up hottie!

Young Leslie Jordan was a straight up hottie!

@thelesliejordan/Twitter: @Caroleeenalala

The best part was his nickname was "Sweet 'n' Low."

Look at this picture of young leslie jordan omg how cute

@thelesliejordan/ Instagram: @thelesliejordan Twitter: @joepesciswh0re

So yeah, let's also remember him this way: a hot, short king.

@thelesliejordan/ Instagram: @thelesliejordan Twitter: @sabrinastcIoud

RIP Sweet 'n' Low. <3

Leslie onstage