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You'll Never Look At Mr. Clean The Same Way Ever Again

Dear God.

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All of the following pictures were posted on the Mr. Clean Facebook page. Some of them are quite frightening. You have been warned. Good luck.

It's Mr. Clean. Your favorite household cleaner.

He's just a normal looking dude that likes to play croquet!

He's in your sushi.

He's a baby.

He sometimes wears wigs.

I guess he got fat?

This is what his head looks like floating in some blankets.

He plays the flute for children on a Mardi Gras float.

Oh shit, he made a mess.

Here, he's about to jump out and eat someone.

Staring at you from a bus.

Transforming into a centaur in the woods.

Doing some yard work.

Milking some cows.

He hears everything.

He sees everything.

His face is literally one color and he has a team of makeup artists do him up every day. He might be dead.

Here he is on Mars.

He's in your fries.

He's in your poutine!
Facebook: mrclean

He's in your poutine!

He's riding a dog in the Grand Canyon.

And I'll leave you with this picture of him as an old man child.

Sweet dreams!

He's always watching. Xoxo.
Facebook: mrclean

He's always watching. Xoxo.

You can thank aurosan for scaring the shit out of you.

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