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24 Faces Everyone Pretends To Make To Survive Life

It's all make believe.

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1. The "Good One, Aunt Terri"

2. The "She's Cool..."

When you're pretending that you like someone who you actually hate...

3. The "Please Stop Talking to Me So I Can Eat"

When you have to act like you care but all you want to do is eat 🍴

4. The "This Is Fun, but I Really Need to Poop"

That face you make when you're pretending to have a good time but you're really not cause you have to poop so bad...

5. The "I Didn't Know You'd Still Be Up, Mom"

When you're pretending not to be drunk in front of your parents

6. The "I Wasn't Cheating, I'm Just Thinking Real Hard"

When u cheating on the test and the teacher looks at you, you gotta start doing stuff like this

7. The "I Think You Forgot the Check"

When you get a birthday card with no money in it, so you gotta pretend to be happy

8. The "This Is Delicious, Mrs. Peterson!"

When you're at your friends house and gotta pretend you like the dinner their mom made but it's actually gross

9. The "I Hope My Mom Got You Something Good, It Wasn't Really From Me"

When you gotta pretend that the gift your parents got your cousin was from you

10. The "I'm Pretending to Talk to Someone to Avoid Talking to You"

When you're pretending to be in a call but your screen is showing and your phone is upside down and not in a call lol

11. The "We Had Homework?!"

When you gotta pretend you didn't know there was homework

12. The "I Had No Idea I Had an Aunt Debbie?"

when you see family you've never met before and you gotta pretend like you're happy to see them

13. The "I Wish I Never Heard That"

When you hear something you don't want to hear, but you have to act like you're fine

14. The "I Meant to Do That"

when you fall out of your chair but have to act like you meant to....

15. The "My Grandma Is Insane"

When your grandma is tryna tell a story tell a story and you gotta act interested cuz she old

16. The "I ALMOST Avoided You But Made Eye Contact at the Last Second and Now We Have to Talk"

when you see someone you know and try to avoid them but they see you and you have to act like youre happy to see them

17. The "If I Pretend to Sleep Maybe I Won't Have to Help Mom Bring in the Groceries"

When you act like you're Sleep so you don't have to help bring the groceries in the house

18. The "You Woke Up Before Your Friend While Sleeping Over at Their House"

Jaren Wicklund / Getty Images

19. The "I'm Going to Pretend to Buy This for a Few Minutes So the Salesperson Doesn't Think I'm Cheap"

When you go2 buy a shirt n find out its pricy as hell so you jus sit there acting like your still thinking about it

20. The "Tell Me More"

When you know the REAL story, but you keep listening to their lying ass anyways. 😂😭

21. The "I Already Know Everything About You"

When you on a date acting like you learning everything about them after weeks of stalking

22. The "I Can't Wait for This Part to Be Over With"

When you and your family are watching a movie and it has a bed scene part so you're acting like you're not watching.

23. The "I'm So Far Inside My Head I Have No Idea What You're Talking About"

When you high af and you acting like you paying attention

And of course...

24. The "Slowly Dying Inside"

When you have to act like you're having a good day

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