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35 Ways You Are A Young George Costanza

I take it back. George is the most relatable person on Seinfeld.

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1. You dance while you eat:

2. Biting into a ball of cheese as if it were an apple sounds appetizing to you:

3. You often end up in questionable situations:

4. And oh look, here's a picture I found of you on a windy day:

5. You know your strengths:

6. You also know your weaknesses:

7. You talk a lot of shit:

8. This is your life:

9. Again, your life:

10. Nailed it. Your life in 3 words:

11. You have an excuse for everything:

12. You spaz out over ketchup bottles:

13. Massages make you uncomfortable:

14. Your mornings often start like this:

15. These are your passions:

16. This is what happens when you don't take your cellphone into the bathroom and it starts ringing:

17. This is how it feels when you do your hair:

18. This is what it looks like when you take sexy pictures:

19. And this is how your sexy pictures actually turn out:

20. Here's an intimate portrait of you sharing a tender moment with a vending machine:

21. How you feel on a nice day:

22. And how your parents feel about you:

23. This is how you tell jokes:

24. This is how your friends react to your jokes:

25. This is what your life would be like if you were a prostitute:

26. This is how you eat when you are alone:

27. Which doesn't look that much different than how you eat in public:

28. Have I mentioned all of the times you had food on your face and nobody told you about it? It happens a lot!

29. I also just found this image of you overreacting:

30. This is how you look at the gym:

31. You sweat a lot... in situations when you really shouldn't be:

32. Basically, your life is a bunch of lies.

33. Feelings suck.

34. Focus on what you do well.

35. Go drape yourself in some velvet or something.


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