30 Examples Of How We Are All Elaine Benes

Elaine Benes is the most relatable TV character of all time. End of story.

30. This happens to you on a daily basis:

ID: 965884

29. You make judgments before things actually happen:

ID: 965903

28. You have the tendency to hide your feelings with a smile (and alcohol):

ID: 965892

27. You always think people are talking about you:

ID: 965912

26. You say “Oh, God” all of the time:

ID: 965883

25. And “Oh, Man”:

ID: 965937


ID: 965901

23. You make weird faces sometimes and don’t even realize you’re making them:

ID: 965882

22. You say you’re not mad when of course you really are:

ID: 965900

21. You would definitely break up with someone over a piece of pie:

ID: 965885

20. You hate working out:

ID: 965887

19. You have had deep thoughts about the functionality of your pinky toe:

ID: 965888

18. This is how dinner parties with strangers feel:

ID: 965890

17. You can’t dance:

ID: 965907

16. You’re not afraid to give up:

ID: 965893

15. When you take public transportation, you always seem to end up next to the person with terrible B.O.:

ID: 965908

14. You wouldn’t think twice about doing this:

ID: 965913

13. You tend to second-guess yourself:

ID: 965914

12. It’s always too hot:

ID: 965934

11. You have said this:

ID: 965910

10. This:

ID: 965921

9. And this:

ID: 965880

8. You only listen to crazy people:

ID: 965923

7. You think the top of the muffin is the best part of the muffin:

ID: 965927

6. Your friends have conversations with you and midway through, you zone out because you realize you don’t care:

ID: 965928

5. You have horrible experiences at places and say you’ll never go again even though you know you will:

ID: 965929

4. You don’t fuck around when food is involved:

ID: 965930

3. You’re not afraid to call someone a jackass:

ID: 965938

2. You just don’t get people/humanity:

ID: 965911

1. And you and your friends hate everyone.

ID: 965932

H/t to Steinfeld for a bunch of these images. Follow their Tumblr, it’s great.

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