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Britney Spears Has A New Boyfriend And He's Really, Really Hot

Yes, Brit. Yes.

Yes, sweeties! The rumors are true! Britney Spears is finally dating a really hot guy and getting that real good D!

His name is Sam Asghari and she met him on the set of her new video, her best in years btw, "Slumber Party."

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Sam stood out in the video not only for being the visual representation of Satan, but also for being really fucking hot.

He is basically a beefy Zayn.

After the video came out there were rumors that Brit and Sam were dating. He posted this picture on his Instagram but then quickly deleted it. It was shady and weird but whatever.

Then, last week, they were spotted leaving a sushi restaurant together...

...and finally, on Christmas night, Britney made an appearance in Sam's Instagram story wishing "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night." This obviously means they are officially dating*.

@britneyspears on Sam's Instagram story! 🎄🎅🏻😂

*This isn't actually confirmed, but come on, they are totally boning.

Sam is the hottest guy Britney has ever dated.

His Instagram is stocked full of aggressive thirst traps.

And there are many videos of him wearing gray sweatpants. 🙏😭🙏

In his spare time he likes to lift weights...

...take thirsty mirror selfies...

...and visit the dentist.

His thighs are also thick as hell 🙏😭🙏

And, for some reason, he is never wearing a shirt at the gym...

...but I'm not even mad!