Why Amy Poehler’s Kids Are Still Cooler Than You

It must be pretty cool to have Amy Poehler as your mom.

1. 1. Because Amy Poehler is their mother and brings them to school.

2. 2. Because Amy Poehler is their mother and dresses them like this:

3. 3. Because their mom, Amy Poehler, has great taste in shoes.

5. 4. Because their legal guardian, Amy Poehler, shows them random things.

6. Like that thing over there. Ha ha! It was probably funny because their mom is Amy Poehler.

7. 5. Because as mom, Amy Poehler, lifts them from curbs.

8. 6. And as a cool mom, Amy Poehler lets her kids jump in puddles.

10. 7. Last but not least, have I mentioned they are the spawn of Amy Poehler?


12. Oh yeah, random side note: Amy Poehler has really awesome shoes.


Pictures from FameFlyNet

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