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    Jun 4, 2014

    Who Is Kesha's Boyfriend And Why Is He So Hot?

    BuzzFeed reports.

    News: Kesha has a really hot new boyfriend worth exploring both journalistically and physically and possibly spiritually.


    Here's what we know:

    According to ~ celeb gossip ~ sites and captions, his name is Brad Ashenfelter and the couple initially met through Kesha's hairstylist, who is dating Brad's friend.


    Now for some investigative work... which was just a basic Google search of this dude's name.

    Here's what I found!

    He has at least 4 fingers and wears denim.


    He has the ability to makes people in his presence do weird things. For example, the guy on the left is giving him this weird "kissy face" thing and the girl on the right is stopped still by that luscious, rich jungle of a beard.


    The power.

    He likes touching Kesha's bags. (As you can see, touching things is a thing for him. He's very tactile.)

    Sharky / Splash News

    He's also always touching his beard and puts his iPhone in his front pocket.


    You can learn a lot about people from where they put their iPhone.

    A deeper Google search found an article he wrote for a website.

    It's called "Why Germany Rocks" and it was for a website called the intertia.


    But that's not the best part. There's a bio. We're learning. Brad's bio says:

    "Brad was born and raised in the Garden state and now resides in Los Angeles. He claims that pizza and good sandwiches can only be found is his native New Jersey. Brad isn't much of a surfer, but he appreciates all things water. He spends the majority of his income on compact discs and records much to the befuddlement of loved ones and friends."

    So from that, we can take away that he loves pizza, is from New Jersey, and buys CDs. The pizza thing is dope but the CD thing is a little weird tbh.

    We also know he has a driver's license which is actually essential because everyone should drive unless you can't.

    Is that who I think it is driving the car? Kesha's boyfriend!? Hmm yes. They must have been dating for a while #kesha

    Kesha's Animals@wearetheanimals

    Is that who I think it is driving the car? Kesha's boyfriend!? Hmm yes. They must have been dating for a while #kesha

    1:43 PM - 26 May 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    Lastly, Kesha looks incredible. Get that hot bearded D!


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