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Here's What Rubber Bullets Actually Look Like And It's Pretty Upsetting

We're talking the-size-of-a-hand huge.

Rubber bullets are being used by police officers to suppress Black Lives Matter protesters across the United States.

Jose Luis Magana / Getty Images

One thing people are finding out is just how big these rubber bullets actually are.

In case you are wondering, this is the size of a rubber bullet. I saw these all over the ground in LA.

They're pretty huge.

Idk what I thought a rubber bullet looked like but it wasnt this... These hoe ass police officers shooting people in the FACE with these!!??

Like, the-size-of-a-hand huge.

For anyone that wonders what a rubber bullet looks like. This was found by one of our photographers last night after the protest downtown.

Josh Sanders, a reporter at 12 News in Arizona, was hit by one in Phoenix.

Our news crew is on 7th Ave and Washington across the street from the Phoenix Police Department. PPD just fired a rubber ball in our direction hitting me in the left thigh. It is extremely painful. #12News

He shared a picture of what police were firing at him.

This is a picture of what the rubber ball looks like that Phoenix Police fired in our direction earlier hitting me in the left thigh. #12News

He also shared a picture of his wound.

The aftermath of being hit by a Phoenix Police rubber ball night 3 of the protests. #12News

He's not the only reporter who's been hit by them. Adolfo Guzman-Lopez, a reporter for KPCC in Los Angeles, was hit in the neck by one.

I just got hit by a rubber bullet near the bottom of my throat. I had just interviewed a man with my phone at 3rd and Pine and a police officer aimed and shot me in the throat, I saw the bullet bounce onto the street @LAist @kpcc OK, that’s one way to stop me, for a while

John Marschitz, a sound engineer for CBS News, was hit by one in Minneapolis.

Police in Minneapolis are firing on us (press) with rubber bullets. Our sound engineer John Marschitz was hit. He is ok. We were not standing within 500 feet of any protesters at the time, and we had credentials displayed and cameras out. #cbsnews

And Linda Tirado, a freelance photographer and author, was shot in the eye in Nashville.

Hey folks, took a tracer found to the face (I think, given my backpack) and am headed into surgery to see if we can save my left eye Am wisely not gonna be on Twitter while I’m on morphine Stay safe folks

Basically, rubber bullets aren't some tiny, paintball-sized things.

LAPD just shot me and protestors gathered at Beverly & Fairfax with rubber bullets. I was holding my press badge above my head.

They're actually very big.

For anyone wondering. This is what a rubber bullet looks like. I grabbed one off the ground.

And they can really do some damage.

Rubber bullet found in downtown lastnight #DallasProtest

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