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What Facebook Used To Look Like Vs. What It Looks Like Now

*watches two hours of cooking videos I know I'll never try to make*

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FACEBOOK THEN: a constant stream of your every dumb thought.

FACEBOOK NOW: a constant stream of tacky-ass engagement photos.

Natalia_chervona / Getty Images

FACEBOOK THEN: This group has 56,000 likes.

FACEBOOK NOW: This video has 1,180,890 views.

FACEBOOK THEN: browsing through bumper stickers...

... and putting ones like "I jizzed in my pants ON A BOAT like a boss" on your friends' wall.

FACEBOOK NOW: browsing your feed and finding out you're going to hell because you didn't like a picture of chocolate.

FACEBOOK THEN: deciding which groups you were going to join.

FACEBOOK NOW: still deciding whether or not you're going to hell.

FACEBOOK THEN: compulsively liking pages that made you feel like you weren't the only one.

FACEBOOK NOW: compulsively deleting people after they go and say some crazy shit:

FACEBOOK THEN: another day, another "Lost phone/need numbers" group invite.

FACEBOOK NOW: another day, another try-hard pregnancy announcement.

Xesai / Getty Images



Natalia_chervona / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @shiitlord

FACEBOOK THEN: making your best friends your "family."

FACEBOOK NOW: unfriending your great aunt for her excessive use of racist political memes.

FACEBOOK THEN: writing "truth is" and "tbh" all night.

FACEBOOK NOW: getting stuck in a two-hour food video k-hole.

FACEBOOK THEN: like, what the fuck?

FACEBOOK NOW: still what the fuck?

Happy browsing!

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