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We Need To Talk About Martin O'Malley

Don't lie, you've been thinking it too.

There is a huge (metaphorical) elephant in the room right now. I can't even see a thing because it's so dang big. It's straight-up distracting and problematic. Frankly speaking, I AM TRIGGERED!

What is this elephant?

Admit it, OPEN YOUR MIND, the man is handsome as hell.

*Clenches fist, bites lip*

A dad of monumental proportions!

A true gift to this political race!

I believe in America again.

Ever since ever, Martin O'Malley has been pretty hot.

His eyes, guys. He's always had those eyes and it's all about those eyes.

His face, guys. He's always had that face. Good face!

Same with the smile. What a nice smile! Teeth rule.

ANNNNNND...YOU KNOW WHAT'S EVEN BETTER?! He has shirtless pics!


...GOOD TO US!!!

So yeah, the man is hot/has a nice back.

Blah blah blah here's another shirtless pic.

In conclusion, I want to be that horse.


Correction: There was a typo calling him Martin McNally in a random sentence on this post. Obviously that isn't his name and obviously my brain was too thirsty to function at that time. I'M SORRY.

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