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    We Need To Talk About Justin Bieber's Hair

    Queen Kate has had enough of this shit.

    Hummmm, Justin Bieber got a new haircut that looks oddly and iconically familiar...

    ... does this little ditty look like something you've seen before?

    Yeah, no shit it does. It's the "reverse-mullet chunky-highlighted spiky bob" from the former queen of pop, Kate MF Gosselin!

    Everyone knows Queen Kate revolutionized this flawlessly trendy little number!

    Only Kate could accessorize the spiky mullet bob with randomly placed duct-tape hearts on her face AND chest.

    Only Kate could pair it with some wide leg jeans, a cute bag, and an off-brand coffee.

    Slé on, Queen Kate.

    "LAY OFF THE BOB, BUD!" - Kate from a hayride.

    "LET THE BOB BE, DUDE!" - Kate from a hayride

    Only Kate could take her bob on the bus.

    Only Kate could hold a piece of ripped cardboard WITH NOT a flutter of a folicle. When will your faves hair gel hold that hard?!

    Only Kate's bob could flawlessly receive fan-mail in such a demure and fanciful way.

    Not even a door could stop the queen's bob from heading thru!

    So yeah, thanks Kate. Your bob is iconic and you are a flawless legend.

    Keep calm, pay for that gas, and bob on!

    H/t Hollywood Reporter.