We Need To Talk About Britney Spears

Something happened.

1. Something happened on Aug. 7 — some may even call it a “resurrection,” the new Easter. The woman formally known as Britney Jean (we don’t talk about that anymore) was adorned in turquoise + pink tips.

Surely a bold move for a woman who now identifies as a “mom now.”

2. It was supposed to be just a normal, cool + kinda urban performance of her #1 Vegas show, Piece of Me. But it would be anything but that. In the next two days, Britney would perform two shows in nearly flawless form.

3. Fuck.

4. The Holy Spearit has been reborn.

5. Seriously, watch for yourself this dead-on choreo to “Work Bitch.”

6. I’m gagging.

Omg work bitch, skull drag me Britney

— Joanna (@PieceofBritney)

7. I can barely breathe.

Britney rocking a blue? and purple tips tonight

— Joanna (@PieceofBritney)

8. And that’s far from all…

9. This is a smile. I can feel this smile. This is a “comes from within” smile. The authenticity of it all. I am weak.

10. Destroy me, Authentic Smileney.


11. And now “Toxic.” Jesus Christ. Her midsection… It’s moving. It’s thriving. It’s making me…feel.


— Joanna (@PieceofBritney)

12. Brb, weeping. This “Toxic” breakdown.


— Joanna (@PieceofBritney)

15. The breakdown for fan (un)favorite “Pretty Girls” was almost enough to make you forget that Britney did a song with Iggy Azalea.

Last night, SO fun! 💁🙅💁

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

16. “Slave” was on point.

17. The spins in “Baby” were there too.


— Joanna (@PieceofBritney)

18. Even in the hideous “Me Against the Music” pants, she fucking nailed it!!!

19. Like, WHO IS THIS?!

yesterday was the most britney has slayed in years, LOOK AT THIS GIF

— Nathan (@stuckonfknyou)


Slay a bit queen

— Joanna (@PieceofBritney)

21. Did she just pound a double espresso venti frap before the show OR WHAT*?

*And by “what” I mean she’s a goddamn legend at a really good place in life right now.

22. People, this is this the second coming of Godney Jean! What a time to be alive!

23. Watch a full compilation of her legit slayage here:

24. Welcome back, 2004ney. Have a seat and stay a while.

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